Monday, September 11, 2006

Synthetic Corks

A few days ago, in a posting about screwtops, I mentioned that synthetic (plastic) corks are hard to pull out and even harder to stick back in. It turns out they have another problem that I didn't know about. I was at a wine tasting at Main Street Wine & Spirits - a fine wine store in Port Washington - and I struck up a conversation with the distributor of Bibich, a Croatian wine. I was under the mistaken impression that Bibich was using screw tops. The distributor told me that they are actually using corks, and we launched into a discussion about the pros and cons of corks vs screwtops, and wood corks vs plastic. According to the distributor, if wine is corked with plastic corks and shipped during times when the temperature is high, the corks tends to explode out. The Bibich Winery lost a whole shipment of a rose wine that way - the truck they were being transported in got a bit too warm and all the corks popped out. After that incident, Bibich switched to all natural corks. Anyone else have any feelings about screwtop vs cork, or cork vs plastic cork?


Blogger GollyGumDrops said...

I always find plastic corks annoyingly difficult to get off the corkscrew. If it's not real cork, I much prefer screwcaps.

4:42 PM  

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