Saturday, October 21, 2006

"End of Bin" - The Wine Grab-Bag

Are you one of those people who is always intrigued by "grab-bags"? You know, the idea that you might get something really great for a low price. The mystery of opening that bag and seeing what's inside? If you, like myself, are that kind of person, then the end of bin racks at the wine store are for you.

When wine retailers get to the last two or three (or sometimes more) bottles of a bin of wine, they will often drastically discount those bottles in order to get them to "move" and clear out space for new stock. This can lead to some great bargains on excellent wines. The fun thing is that you never know what will be there. You walk up to the end of bin rack with that excited feeling of a child opening a wrapped package -- what will be in it? Often, this is a great chance to try a wine that you are unfamiliar with. I did this today and was not disappointed. (I'll write about the wine in the next post).

Next time you visit your local wine retailer, be sure to check the end of bin rack to see what surprises might be in store. Be adventurous!


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