Monday, November 06, 2006

Elaine's Mulled Wine circa 1972

Thank you to my friend Joan Buckley for passing on this recipe. She suggested that it can be made in a crockpot. I think this will be perfect for the holidays! Here it is, history and all, in Joan's own words.

"I once had a friend and her apartment used to be THE favorite each and every Halloween. Was it the special treats she gave out? Nope. It was her famous mulled wine that she had brewing on the stove (they didn't have crockpots back then ;)) that the parents of the Trick or Treaters found irresistible. It made the annual trek somehow all worth it.

I don't see why it could not be served in a crockpot. The whole point of it is not to let the wine boil and the crockpot would seem the perfect place.
Anyhow here's the recipe (as closely as I can remember)

Elaine's Mulled Wine circa 1972
- one bottle (750 ml) claret or Burgundy
- peel of one orange
- peel of one lemon
- Cinnamon stick (about 2 or 3 in long)
- 6 or 7 whole cloves
- one nutmeg, crushed (not grated)
- one tablespoon honey
- 1/4 cup brandy

Combine all ingredients in a heavy enamel pot (in this case a crockpot) and simmer for however long it takes so long as it doesn't boil!!
I seem to remember she served it with a thinly sliced orange slice stuck with one clove."

Grapegal's note - I'm still pondering where to find a whole nutmeg. Anyone have any suggestions?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I once bought whole nutmeg by accident. It was in the regular spice section of my grocery, tucked in next to the ground stuff (or maybe the ground was missing, and I just saw "nutmeg," and grabbed it?). Not one to waste food, I grated it with the fine part of my cheese grater, and it was heavenly in things like muffins, egg nog, bannna bread... While this accident happened ages ago (16 years?), whole nutmeg may not be as hard to find as you expect.

If it isn't in your regular grocery, I'd look for it in your local "health food" store, or a Whole Foods type place.

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