Sunday, May 28, 2006

What countries are represented in your wine cellar?

Just for fun, I decided to look at the bottles of wine I have in my "cellar" (aka the wooden wine rack in my dining room) to see what countries they were from. It actually was a very enlightening experience because I realize that I need to branch out and I promise that on my next wine buying jaunt, that's what I'll do.

Out of the 21 bottles of wine I have on hand, 13 are from California, 4 are from Australia, 2 are from Italy, and I have 1 each from Argentina and South Africa. That leaves a lot of the world unexplored. I realize that this is my typical wine buying pattern -- I tend to stick to California and Australia/New Zealand wines, with an occasional Italy or Long Island wine thrown in for good measure. I don't seem to drink much French wine these day. Why is that? I'm not sure. For a while I was extremely fond of Clos de Bois -- which I THOUGHT was French because of its name, but it turned out to be a California wine.

On my list for my next shopping trip - wines from Spain and France.


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