Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Kosher Wine - Revisited

As you probably know (if you've been reading this blog for any extended period of time), I grew up on Manishewitz wine. Being Jewish, that's the wine that we drank at holidays and on Friday nights, and that's what I thought wine was. Years later when I discovered "real" wine, I sneered at Kosher wines, thinking that even if they were not all like Manishewitz (ie: thick, sweet and syrupy) that they wouldn't compare to "regular" wine... and besides, why does wine have to be Kosher anyway?

I still haven't answered the "why does wine have to be Kosher" question, but I do accept that for a lot of people having Kosher wine is important. Some of these people ALSO think that the taste should be important as well. This posting is for them.
Reform Judiasm Online, published by the Union for Reform Judiasm, has come out with the RJ Insider's Guide to Kosher Wine. The guide consists of four articles:

The Guide provides a comprehensive look at today's Kosher wines, which clearly are NOT the Manishewitz of my youth. With Passover approaching, this guide may come in handy.

Thank you to Mindy Mintz for bringing the Guide to my attention!


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