Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Long Flat Merlot 2002

Behind this rather plain and unassuming label is a surprisingly good merlot at an extremely reasonable price. I paid a measly $5 for this wine - something which I'm almost embarassed to admit. Based on the price, and the utilitarian-looking bottle, I was prepared for an uninspired tasting. But I was wrong.

This South Eastern Australian wine was a rich dark blackish purple, with an aroma of plum, spice, and a hint of clove. It had a smooth, full plum and blackberry taste with a clean finish. Unlike some other wines I've tasted recently (notably the Mirassou Pinot Noir I rated a while back), this wine held up the next day. Because I don't (usually) finish a whole bottle of wine when I open it (without help, that is), it is important to me that the wine be able to maintain its flavor for a couple of days after being opened, without turning sour. This wine did admirably well. This is a "Grape Gal's Best Buy" pick. Worth the $5 (or even $10).


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