Thursday, June 08, 2006

Wine Tasting

Just a brief posting tonight. A local wine store (Black Tie in Port Washington) was having a "gala tasting" which I went to. It was actually quite impressive and well done. There were probably about ten different tables set up throughout the store. Each table was manned by several people and had at least 6 different sorts of wine, plus trays of cheese, olives, bread, olive oil, sandwiches, etc. When we walked into the store, we were greeted by store help who pointed out a table that had booklets describing which wines were on each table (neat idea) and a bowl of pencils so that we could write our own impressions in the booklets (VERY neat idea). The booklets were well done - each wine was described in detail, enabling us to really single out what we wanted to try. Frankly there were so many wines that I just couldn't take it in after a while. I probably stopped after about 8 tastings -- when I felt that my judgement wasn't up to snuff anymore. In my opinion, you can only really taste so many wines at one time. For me, about 8 was my limit. I purchased a $20 bottle of an interesting Italian wine which I'll describe in greater detail another day.

It's worth noting that the tables were manned and run by the wine distributors. A clever idea in my book. The store probably paid for the food, but the distributors probably picked up the tab for the wines being tasted, plus they acted as staff. Very nicely done in my opinion. Very professional. A+. However, it appears to be yet another wine store lacking a newsletter or website.


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