Thursday, July 13, 2006

Name This Blog & Newsletter - Win a Wine

Shame on me. In my enthusiasm to create my wine blog and newsletter, I just chose the name I liked (In Vino Veritas), without checking whether other people were using it. It turns out they were. Several blogs share the name, as well as the column by a well known wine critic. And so began the quest for a new name. I tried "bottled poetry" (based on a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson) - taken. "Vinography" - taken. "From the Grape Vine" - taken. And so, I am opening up this challenge to my readers. Help me find the perfect name for my wine blog and newsletter, and you will win a bottle of wine chosen by me.

The rules are simple: The name must be unique. (Try looking up wine blogs or sites on and Google as a way of eliminating names that have already been taken.) The name must be appropriate for a blog/newsletter that covers topics including wine and travel, health, tastings, reviews and wine/food combos. Extra points for names that are catchy, clever, and/or memorable. (And keep it clean please.) Entries should be emailed to me by July 21st. The winner will be announced in the newsletter and on the blog, and will win a bottle of wine. Yes, multiple entries are allowed!


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