Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mondavi Tribute

This video was actually created prior to Robert Mondavi's recent death. It has old archival pictures as well as quotes on what inspired him. Check it out!

Interview with Robert Mondavi

There is a three part interview of Robert Mondavi available on You Tube. If you're interested in learning more about him, in his own words, check it out.

Goodbye Robert Mondavi

Robert Mondavi, the California wine legend who changed the status of American wines, has died at the age of 94, according to the NY Times. I've written about Mondavi in the past on this blog -- visit the archives to view the old stories. One can't help but be impressed with Mondavi's achievements. After a bitter fight with his brother, he split from his wine-making family at age 52 and started his own winery. Over the next ten years, he introduced French techniques (such as using oak barrels and cold fermentation) to improve the typical jug wine that was being produced. In 1976 came the momentous tasting when, to the shock of many, California wines beat French wines in a blind taste test. Since then, California wines have steadily improved and are on a par with the best wines in the world (at least in my opinion). Mondavi left quite a legacy.

So tonight, as you uncork your California cabernet or chardonnay, drink a toast to Robert Mondavi whose vision changed the face (and taste) of California wines.